Posted by: David Weimer | June 23, 2010

From Flushing, Ohio to Paris, France (and beyond)

Le Mont Saint Michel

Right now, I’m in a hotel in Normandy.  The village here is called Port en Bessin, for those of you with Google map or something like that.  We’ve been in France a few weeks.  It’s been a real experience so far.  This leg of the trip is for a few days in Normandy.

Yesterday we were at Omaha Beach.  Today we’ll go to the American cemetery and Utah Beach and maybe Saint Mere Eglise.   Tommorow we go to Paris for three days then down to Avignon.

Andree has put a lot of photos on her Facebook site.

Actually, I’m in Paris now.  We are staying at Andree’s aunt’s apartment in Boulogne, a suburb of Paris.  We just got back from Montmartre.  Here are a couple of photos.  It’s warm here.   Tomorrow we go to the south of France to visit Andree’s dad.  Salut.


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