Posted by: David Weimer | January 6, 2011

Taking On

An older one, written in March 1999 in Memphis.

Taking on

The banana spider finds time to consider;

May humbleness be learned from a humble fly?

It spider-sips each precious drop,

drinking humble bodies whole.

May humbleness be learned

through liquefaction?

The spider glows with the memory

of two icicles melting through a fly’s humbled thoughts.

This warm recollection summons it

from its humble questioning,


with a silent spider tune:

A grounded spider is a humble spider,

and little will he do,

so lasso silk in humble breeze

and fasten tightly to

the joints in a corner of the sky

that a spider covers with his eyes

and a senseful touch

on a leeside thread

that sways and sighs with a thrumming web,

and the softest lies

whispered to all flies:


here lie,

in this invisible bed…

The spider

lets an empty fly fall

and re-traces his name

in the margins of a broken window.

(c) David W. Weimer 1999


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