Posted by: David Weimer | September 18, 2011

Word associations (excerpt from upcoming book)

That’s part of it, she said.  Living to reproduce.  A matter of course.  To have children and a family and to be a parent and grandparent… all part of living.  That sounds so normal, logical, so right…

Super Bowl, morning paper, evening news, the weather, favorite shows on TV, going to the movies, putting gas in the car, paying bills, taxes, beer and pizza, calling family at Christmas and Thanksgiving, birthdays, big breakfast on Saturday morning, corn flakes, coffee, toast, bagel, grocery shopping, snow sledding, diapers, life insurance, check-ups, hospitals, convenience stores, malls, beef jerky, McDonalds, traveling, headaches, feeling angry, guilty, sad, happy, daydreaming, sleeping in, dreaming, going to the bathroom at home, restroom at restaurant, eating out occasionally, reading a book, telling the time, turning on a light in the morning, radios in cars, favorite music groups, cassettes, CDs, radio stations, eggs, milk, butter, lottery tickets, Sunday papers, pet dogs, zoos, recycling, Styrofoam, magazines, snow storms, rain, thunder-lightening, mowing the lawn, flowers, birds chirping, mosquito bites, flies, earth worms, fishing, barbeque, iced tea, Kool-Aid, Band-Aids, wrist watches, painted fingernails, pantyhose, alarm clocks, VCRs, video rental, Chinese food, exercise, football, basketball, hockey, baseball, horse racing, car racing, best seller, TV guide, cable TV, space shuttle, satellite, bright sun, moon at night, crickets, grass hoppers, deer hunting, rabbit, license plates, voting, cigarette butts, beer cans, Doritos, tooth decay, broken bones, cuts, scabs, toenails, haircuts, eyeglasses, contact lenses, baldness, wrinkles, hearing aids, bras, pants, shoes, dresses, coats, boots, gloves, hats, basketballs, quarters, spoons, lighters, matches, fireplaces, electricity, phone booths, vacuum cleaners, pencils, pens, antennae, tools, power saw, drill, hacksaw, crow bar, spare tire, concrete, asphalt, stop signs, stop lights, leaves, snow, wind, rain, bats, safety pins, vitamins, razor blades, tooth brushes, books, paperbacks, hardcover, posters, bookmarks, cardboard, plastic, wood paneling, nails, engine oil, semi truck trailers, blenders, coffee machines, coke machines, vending machines, tests, diplomas, classes, teachers, students, desks, chalkboards, glass windows, screen doors, light bulbs, famous, poor, rich, honor, coward, war, fighting, army, cannons, guns, bullets, shouting, boots, knives, stabbing, eat, sleep, bomb, weight bench, house plants, buttons, zippers, fans, sewing machines, filing cabinet, belt, underwear, neck ties, scarf, car keys, death, crying, laughing, shouting, breathing, hearing, listening, writing, telling, asking, answering, feeling, believing, remembering, wondering, silence, finishing.

David W. Weimer (c) 1992


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