Posted by: David Weimer | October 23, 2011

Portrait of a Seeker: Born to Wonder

Andrée is painting this portrait-in-the-works for the cover, from a photo taken in Brittany, France, 2010.

Portrait of a Seeker: Born to Wonder

Destiny, Idealism, 

Living Internationally

and my Search for Meaning 

                     by David W. Weimer

This book is “done.”  The reason for the quotation marks is that nothing is ever done, I just stop working on it…

A shorter, more focused version of Portrait is considering entering this world in Spring 2012.  More on that later.

For now, I’ve just sent a 575-page manuscript to Cindy, a kind, kind friend, who is helping me typeset this book in preparation for a galley printing of the same, in November, this year.

By the first of December 2011, a long-awaited book will be available for purchase at an website near you!  Hip, hip, hooray!



  1. Congratulations! You did what few will ever do. Commit to something, and actually doing it.
    I was one of the lucky few allowed to read your book before publishing. What an inspiration for all seekers out there. It allowed me to understand the person behind the philosopher. Your journey is so inspiring. Thanks for writing this book.
    I wish you, your book and your family nothing but the best.

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