Posted by: David Weimer | February 23, 2012


Portrait of a Seeker: Born to Wonder (by the author of this blog) is in bookstores as you read.  Over the next several weeks, Portrait will be listed in catalogs and you can order it from any brick & mortar or online book seller in the English speaking world and beyond.

You can order a copy on Amazon now.

From Portrait of a Seeker’s description:

“I painted this sandcastle in one long summer day because I’ve watched other ‘books,’ unwritten and unread, falling into holes and thought, ‘What a shame—no one will ever know what they knew.’”

The author of Portrait of a Seeker writes about the meaning of life and thinks he found it. He has a view that he wants to share: “I believe every self-aware creature should be allowed to find its place.”

In Portrait you will find short stories, poetry, journal entries, correspondence with others seeking meaning, accounts of living in America and overseas, anecdotes of idealistic undertakings and a unique love story. This book is an impression left in the soft mud of existence. A million years from now, Weimer muses, an archeologist might uncover its fossilized, unreadable form and wonder briefly…

Thank you for your patience these past few years.  Now that it’s done, I will no longer post excerpts from Portrait as a book-in-the-works.  I’m working  currently on my second short story in an upcoming collection called Beyond Still.

Note: Soon you’ll be able to “Look Inside” when you check out Portrait’s listing on Amazon.


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