Posted by: David Weimer | February 2, 2013

New book just published

A Handyman's Common Sense Guide to Spiritual Seeking  From the introduction:

“What do you know for sure?” is my favorite
American koan from Richard Rose’s “Lecture of
Questions,” a long list of deceptively obvious
questions we never think to ask ourselves. My
second favorite is “How many full hours do we
spend analyzing our thought processes?” When
I first heard him ask this, I was surprised to realize
I hadn’t spent a single full hour in my lifetime
analyzing anything!

I was inspired by these questions and others, as
well as by Rose’s life example, to do the seemingly
most stupid thing imaginable: make a promise to
pursue the ultimate meaning of existence until I
found it. Others have their own prime questions;
mine was, “What is the meaning of life?” I didn’t
mean my life. I meant the meaning of everything.

I wanted to know, What? What? What? What
is this all about? When I told myself I will do this
thing, I felt a sinking certainty that I was throwing
my life away…. But what else could I do?

Available on Amazon and on the TAT Foundation Press webpage.


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