Posted by: David Weimer | July 19, 2013

Ben and the Dragon — proof copy on the way

Upcoming book update:

 I’ve sent Ben and the Dragon to Lulu, my proof copy (first real hard copy version) printer.  I finally have this story in just-about-publish-ready form and now I await Andrée’s (my wife’s) painting of the cover to be finished; it’s on her easel in her studio and she’s getting the dragon, Ambroise, filled in with crystal scales.  


The cover image here is her painting-in-progress (I wanted to send something for the cover to the printer for formatting so I could get the proof back within a week).

 In the meantime, a friend is making a final proofreading pass.  When I get the first physical copy back from Lulu, I’ll be able to make any corrections to the interior and upload the final cover image of Andrée’s painting.


 Then I’ll begin work with my real printer, LSI, to have their “final” proof copy sent to me for approval before production.  When I give the go-ahead, my newest book, a story about a boy and a dragon, will be available on Amazon (like the rest of my books), as well as being orderable from any other bookseller.

 Writing and editing is work.  Self-publishing is a lot of work.

 I’ll give an update when LSI starts the first printing run.

 Until then!



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