Posted by: David Weimer | October 17, 2013

“Situations of I” upcoming book excerpt

All of the short stories, essays and prose poems in my upcoming collection are centered on an individual, an “I.”  The following work-in-progress is penned by a decidedly near-sighted, yet honest and well-intended, singularity….


Does My Dog Have a Favorite Song? 

I say music is reality; as real as my tabletop.  Okay, stinging hand.  Feeling the burn, I hear a song and hit the table once again.  Real.

Songs are complete eternal mini universes.  I get lost in them each time….

A performer gets older—or dies—and I still have his song, perfectly preserved, just like he and I used to be.  I listen and my feelings are carried higher, soaring over long-ago days reawakened.  Oh, I remember.  Each time.  I remember.


And again.

Always the same.

Only more.

I always feel what I remember when my song plays.  Even more so, every time.  Each time I remember and I remember more every time.

If I had silence I’d have none of this.  What would a world of silence be?  Could it be real?  Would it have words or sounds… or nostalgia?  Could it grow into the empty spaces in me?  I don’t know.

No thing.




With only silence, I’d hear only my silence looping over and over, right?

I could have it all.  Everything.  Silence would be me and I would be everything.  Right.

From songs to me.  From too quiet, to too loud to stand.  Why can’t I keep my songs?  Is there a me?  Maybe there’s a music made of me.  Can I be silence?  I should be.

Even better—push ‘play’ on that cassette player over there, that CD player and iPhone.  Keep them playing.  Thank God.  Keep them all playing.

Does my dog like music?  I should ask him.  He sure likes to eat.



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