Posted by: David Weimer | February 18, 2015

Situations Of I

Situations of I

Situations Of I

Situations Of I is nearly here!  You may be able to obtain a copy in as little as two weeks.







Here is a book description from the publisher:


     A time-traveling salamander; a UFO abducting a vintage covered bridge; an autobiography of light; musings on dinosaur religion and explorations of life, meaning and existence are among the subjects of Weimer’s fourth published work.

     Profane and profound, “Situations Of I” is, in the author’s words, “centered on the unique free-floating magic reality I take completely for granted—individual awareness.”

     This collection of philosophic essays, speculative short stories and prose poetry emerged from the author’s life and observations while living in the village of Flushing, Ohio.

     Each chapter is a stand-alone vignette with arguably more question marks per page than nearly any other work of its size.  With titles such as, “Home is Where I Live,” “Gasoline Planet,” “A Blade Hanging, Overhead,” “Eternal Burgers” and “Hollow Houses,” each piece challenges the reader, as well as the author, to delve within and to question intently what we all “know for sure.”





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