About this blog’s author

IMG_4926IMG_2303My name is David Weimer, currently of Flushing, Ohio.

I was born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and was raised in the middle of the state on a small family farm before joining the Army out of high school.  I’ve lived in six states (Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio) and  and a few countries (U.S., Germany and France).  I speak three languages, passingly (English, German and French).

I’m married to my French pen-pal and best friend.  I’m the father of two boys, 13 and 9.  I’ve had many professions (farmhand; Army surveyor, engineer & forward observer; cook; maintenance man; janitor; carpenter; newspaper reporter; obituary writer, proofreader, handyman and bookseller), but only two callings (seeker of Truth and writer/reader).

I’m a neatness freak.  I am an inline skater of the skate park variety.  I’ve done a lot of things that people call adventurous and which I call fun.  I’m obsessive about having fun.

This writing blog is, and was, my way of keeping myself writing, and of holding myself accountable.  I started it in order to make sure that I would keep working on my first book.  I’ve published three books since beginning this blog: Portrait of a Seeker (2011), A Handyman’s Common Sense Guide to Spiritual Seeking (2013) and Ben and the Dragon (2013).  My upcoming collection of short stories, Situations of I, is slated to be sent to the printer Spring 2014.

Here are some blog postings that point to how I see things.  Anything else “about this author” I could write might be interesting, but also might possibly not say anything about me.  If you’re curious about life details, I make a point to answer specific questions when you email or text me!

Just Turns Away and Starman, Strawman;

I Knew that there was something really wrong;


21 Things that I wish I had told myself when I was younger;

I remember everything;

All of me;

An appropriate gesture;

Relativity Speaking (short story);

A Story with no people (told by God);

What questions would I ask?;

Seven days in May;

An excerpt from “Portrait of a Seeker”.

Contact info:

Email: dwwweimer@comcast.net

Text: 740-582-0629

Conventional mail: David Weimer, 368 High Street, Flushing, OH  43977, USA



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