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Situations of I

Situations of I

Situations of I, by David W. Weimer.

From the Introduction:

I hugged the horse’s neck in the dark, reins held loosely; the black stallion with the blaze on his forehead flattened his ears, leaned forward, and surged over fields, hooves drumming the blurring earth, throwing clods of grass and soil into the air behind us.

Distinctions blur with such freedom. An essay is something else and a story isn’t what it seems.
A poem becomes a story and a story acts like a poem. None is fiction and all of it is “made up.”

Situations wrote itself.  Each piece in this collection is centered on the unique free-floating magical reality that I take completely for granted—my individual awareness.

In the following pages you will find yourself standing at the edge of my pond. A wind is moving the trees over there and a fish just jumped to accompany the distant growling buzz of a chainsaw.

In other words: Now.


This book should be on shelves by January 2015

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